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Ever wondered how they do that in Android?

Android Libraries=

We use quite a lot of 3rd party libraries in our Android apps and here are some of the most useful ones. Best thing is they are all free!

  • Big thanks to Mike Ortez for his Pinch and Zoom control, you simply link an image to his TouchImageView and you can pinch and zoom any image very easily. It doesn’t even require you to install a library. It’s great for maps and floorplans.
  • We struggled finding a decent pdf viewer until we came across the AndroidPdfViewerfrom Bartosz Schiller. It has quite a large footprint but there’s not much you can do about that as it has to support all the various versions of Android.
  • We use a couple of libraries for async downloading of images. The Android-Universal-Image-Loader is a quick and easy image loader that deals with caching easily as does Picasso which is a lot more configurable and also lets you do lots of fancy things with images
  • A great way to get users to leave reviews for your app on the Google Play Store is by asking them to add a review for you. We use Android-RateThisApp by Keisuke Kobayashi to do this. Again, very easy to implement.
  • Quite a few of our clients want to be able to connect with their users by using push notifications. Pushbots is a great little system for doing this as it allows you to add additional content such as images, links etc to your push notifications.
  • Finally, a very simple api call allows you to integrate Uber into your app. We use this to help to monetise one of our apps.

I hope this has been of some help to Android developers out there and is based on the work we have carried out an Innove Solutions over a number of years. in a future article I will discuss our use of #Firebase as a cloud back end solution.