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Performance Management

Being able to monitor and improve an organisations performance over time is essential for any business. The use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) is a proven way of achieving this. We have an in-depth knowledge of developing these web based systems at a national and local scale for large organisations.

By using scaleable web and database techniques we are able to offer 24/7 availability and complete helpline support for organisations such as the NHS and a number of Local Authorities.

We are very proud of the work we have done on these cutting edge developments and you can see some of the projects we have delivered below.

Case Study: DiabetesE Self Assessment system

Project DescriptionDiabetesE Results and Recommendations

DiabetesE is an online, diabetes service, self assessment tool that was designed as a cost effective alternative to peer review. We developed the software for Connecting for Health and BT to allow the benchmarking of diabetes services in the NHS and to drive continuous quality improvement in diabetes care.

DiabetesE enables primary and secondary providers and commissioners to:

  • Quickly and easily conduct a baseline review of diabetes services
  • Instantly benchmark the quality of services against others
  • Identify service strengths and priority areas for improvement
  • Access current evidence and best practice to identify ways in which improvements can be
  • made
  • Develop improvement plans reflecting the goals and aspirations of national policy and guidance
  • Continually re-assess, benchmark and review progress in improving diabetes services

DiabetesE is a secure system that is only accessible via a user name and password. If you would like to see a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact us.

To find out more details about DiabetesE see the video below.

Technical Stuff

DiabetesE was originally developed using .Net web forms technology linked to SQL Server that was used as a data repository. The hierachical live reporting that was required was quite compex so the more complicated reporting was programmed using stored procedures to optimise the code execution speed.

To ensure 24/7 operation of the system, two load balanced web servers were used and a two node SQL Server cluster that was mirrored to a separate Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

In 2011/12, to make DiabetesE more efficient, scalable and easier to maintain, Innove Solutions re-wrote the software as a Model-View-Controller (MVC) application, utilising the latest Microsoft .Net technology.

Case Study: Reportable Social Value Portal

Project DescriptionReportable Social Value Portal

The Public Services (Social Value) Act states that any contract valued at over £173,934 must place a duty on public bodies such as local authorites to consider social value ahead of any procurement. We were commissioned by DPC working in partnership with Liverpool City Council to build an analytical tool that will allow the monitoring of social values for internal and external contracts awarded by any local authority procurement department.

The tool allows procurement departments to set targets for the social values associated with any contract and then measure these on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We developed the main portal where council users can set up their contracts awarded and can then link social value KPI’s to any contract. An external supplier portal was then developed that allows contractors to register with the council and once tagged to a contract they can then log in and enter their actual contract delivered values at defined intervals over a secure network.

A full reporting system was developed that allowed procurement managers to see at a glance if their KPI’s were being met and allowed them to drill down into any individual KPI or contract.

Technical Stuff

The RSV Portal was written as in Visual Studio as a .Net MVC 5 applications with heavy use of AnjularJS for the user interface and Linq as the Data Access Layer. SQL Server was used as the data repository.

Case Study: Healthy Schools Partnership Self Assessment System

Project DescriptionHealthy Schools Partnership

Wigan Leisure and Council Trust (WLCT) deliver a Healthy Schools programme to over 200 schools in and around the Wigan area. They needed a web based system that would allow them to measure the impact of their work in these schools. The project needed to be delivered in a short period of time with a limited budget. We showed them our DiabetesE Self Assessment System and agreed to adapt this to meet their needs.

We worked with WLCT to develop the modules and questions that they wanted to ask the schools to measure the effectiveness of their programme. These were then entered into the DiabetesE Content Management System and by altering the hierarchy in the system to accommodate the schools clustering structure the system went from a rapid prototype to a live portal in a very short period of time.

Technical Stuff

The Assessment system was based on the DiabetesE MVC 5 codebase that is described above.