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Finding your way to a ward or department in a large, unfamiliar and undoubtedly busy hospital can be difficult.  If you add the nervousness and stress of the hospital appointment to the equation you can see why NHS staff spend many hours guiding patients around the facility.  With our Wayfinding app for smartphones the patient has a simple but highly effective tool for guiding them around. Its as easy as selecting their start point and destination.

Wayfinding app

Instead of trying to utilise unreliable and difficult to manage technologies to provide the guidance functionality, our Wayfinding app has all the routes hard coded in. It is unrealistic to rely on Wi-Fi or GPS in a hospital environment and the reliability of the app would be questionable at best. Using our solution, one of our team comes into the hospital to photograph and map all the routes by hand and they are then uploaded into our proprietary software. This ultimately means the app will function as intended regardless of any connection requirements – and that even includes a standard mobile network connection.

Wayfinding route screen Wayfinding route screen

Advantages of Innove Solutions Wayfinding app:-

  • Simple to install and use for all ages
  • Maps routes to and from entrances, wards and departments
  • Fast and reliable – doesn’t rely on connection technologies
  • Cost effective – saves staff being stopped to give directions
  • Easy to implement – requires very little staff input
  • Can be updated to reflect changes and new wards/departments
  • Available for free on Android & Apple app stores – download links below.

My Local Motors app on the Google Play Store My Local Motors app on the App Store

Update 27/06/18 – Our Wayfinding app is now available for Aintree University Hospital as well. Simply search for “Aintree Hospital” on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

Integrate our Wayfinding Solution into your Patient Touch Screen Kiosks

If you want to integrate our Wayfinding solution into your patient kiosks why not use our secure REST API Wayfinding As A Service portal? We will map out all the possible journeys in your hospital and these will be feed directly into our new portal. Your kiosk software can then instantly use this feed to display the same text and image directions that the app uses.



To view some of our mobile app case studies please click HERE 

Some Feedback from the app stores

Superb app... always find it difficult to navigate this maze so this app is an absolute gem!

Colin Williams Wayfinding app on Android August 12, 2016

Great app - Shows simple to follow instructions, and renders well on phone.

James Shannon Wayfinding August 12, 2016

Great idea Found this really useful, is great for anyone unfamiliar with the hospital

Joanne Rimmer Wayfinding app from Innove August 12, 2016

Brilliant app Tried this out for the first time yesterday . Why don't all hospitals have this ?

John Moriarty August 12, 2016

Excellent help in navigating around the hospital

Matt Connor August 12, 2016

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